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Apartments for sale in ROMANIA

Since you spend each day more than half of your time in the crowded city, between the office, bank and stressful meetings, American Village ensures that the other half of the day seems like a holiday. On a market with plenty to choose from, CeDa Imobiliare sets the pace with a unique offer. American Village means much more than merely a high-life residential district. The convenience and comfort it provides are part of the new lifestyle this project proposes.

American Village Cluj Napoca is specially designed for your lifestyle. A complex of 30 condominiums designed to meet the most subtle requirements is built specially for you. In order to experience the uniques feeling of the owner, step into your ultra-modern house, enjoy the light and warmth that surrounds you, and relax on the 50 sq.m of your own terrace full of green, from where you can watch the world beneath you. Grab a glass of wine and take your partner with you, and savour together the beautiful view of the city lights that shine in the night or the haughty Apuseni Mountains shining in the Transylvanian sun. And don't forget to bring your fitness outfit and the swimsuit.



2 Room

Area*: 160 sq.m

3 Room

Area*: 176 sq.m

4 Room

5 Room

Area*: 180 sq.m

Area*: 221 sq.m

* includes the usable area, the terrace area and the parking lot.

The Apartments for Sale in Romania American Village condominiums properties for sale from Clu-Napoca Romania is a superior development where modern design and luxury finish combine to ensure a wonderful living space specially built in order to satisfy the highest standards of life.

Close to the main commercial area of the city, it represents an amazing opportunity for investors, due to short distances to city centre and amenities. The 3 bedrooms condominiums, fully furbished, have a total area of 172.70sq m that includes: 100sq m apartment area, 55sq m terrace area and 17sq m parking place.

The residential apartments and luxury villas complex also include a relaxation centre composed of: sports ground, green area, swimming-pool, Jacuzzi, fitness centre. It provides free gardening, private security and a stunning panoramic view of the city.

What does AMERICAN VILLAGE Luxury Apartment for sale offers you?
American Village, Cluj-Napoca is a Master Planned Community especially designed for a superior way of life.
Situated high atop a Southern facing hill, in a green area in Grigorescu West, the community spans almost 10 acres of green, open spaces. American Village Condominiums, part of this Master Planned community, is composed of 30 condominiums and includes a relaxation centre composed of: swimming-pool, Jacuzzi, fitness centre, sauna, large community deck with a huge roof-top garden, etc.

The community will culminate with the construction of a community lake, an over 40,000 ft2 (4,500m2)
recreation green area and 40 town-homes and 30 high-end villas with large open gardens.
The American Village apartments villas luxury condominiums for sale have been designed to offer you maximum comfort with minimum effort. These apartments are the perfect answer to the busy travelling executive who wants to avoid the bland, stuffed hotels and live in a safe, beautiful home with all amenities they are accustomed to at home, or to a family that does not have too much time to spend for maintenance.

Choose to buy pre-finished condominiums, which means: Interior decorations are left to the taste and budget of the owner but the exterior is fully finished. Water heater system, interior windows and doors as well as terrace doors are also included in the pre-finished price. If you
choose to buy pre-finished, we can recommend an excellent interior designer and we can do all the work for you. You chose it, we build it!

Each finished luxury apartment condominium offers:
• Fully styled, modern finish;
• 1 and/or 2 personal parking spaces;
• Visitor parking spaces;
• Security, maintenance, etc;
• Unlimited access to the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, etc;
• Unlimited access to the fitness centre;
• Unlimited access to the lake, green spaces, sports grounds, etc;
• Additional optional services such as maid service, massage centre, etc;
• Internal CC&R (Internal rules and regulations).

Why are these romanian properties a good investment?
The project has two different stages, with the condominiums being the first. The American Village condominium is composed of 30 condominiums designed and built to satisfy the highest standards of life. The second phase will culminate with the construction of a few luxury villas, a lake,
fitness spa, all part of a Master Planned Community.

The stair-step concept is unique in Romania and nobody else is allowed to build using this system, because it has been patented for the next 20 years. Not only is the condominium design unique in Romania, but the location is the best available and the Master planned closed community assures us
of the highest standards. There is no competition.

The area where the project is being built is still un-developed, and the growing tendency is obvious as this area, Grigorescu West, is already starting to experience an ascending evolution on the real estate market, with the development of some of the largest industrial projects such as: The First Industrial Park/ Business Incubator in Transylvania, Nokia, Siemens, Polus Mall (the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe), access to the new cross - European highway linking Cluj-Napoca with Western Europe, and now American Village Cluj etc.

There is also a big interest demonstrated by the Developer to maintain the present ecological environment for the benefit of its residents. The growth trend for this exclusive location for the next two years is estimated by the developer at 20% -30% per year.



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